With a heartfelt commitment,
I nurture sustainable and wellness industries visionaries, creating captivating customized websites that let your light shine brilliantly in the online world.
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I understand the challenges of starting a business!

As an entrepreneur, you're juggling numerous responsibilities, leaving little time to focus on your digital identity. Let me assist you in creating a distinctive online presence and reaching your target audience, enabling you to thrive in your passion while increasing revenue.

Sit back, surrender to the process, and let me guide the way.

How the magic happens...

Get in touch with me to schedule a 30-minute video call, to explore your websites dreams, determining if our collaboration aligns.

Exciting news! I've confirmed our compatibility. Upon completion of pre-work, I will craft a customized design, ensuring your involvement throughout for feedback on each aspect.

When you approve the design, I will develop your website in Webflow.

YAY! Your website is ready to launch. Upon launch, I'll arrange a final call to ensure a seamless handover process.

Customized designA customized design (3 pages) for visionaries aiming to expand their business. Crafted with a unique design and strategic approach. Easily customizable by you.
✹ Fully customized design
✹ 1:1 Strategy Meeting(s)
✹ Feedback sessions
Starting from € 600,- *
Customized design & websiteA complete package! Including the design and the development of a 3-page website.
✹ Fully customized design
✹ Optimized for mobile and tablet
✹ Animated Elements
✹ 404 page
✹ Browser Icon (Favicon)
✹ 1:1 Strategy Meeting(s)
✹ Feedback sessions
Starting from € 1500,- *
*Prices are excluding VAT and Webflows hosting plans.
My journey began with a deep-rooted belief in the importance of coming back to oneself and nurturing the heart. With a passion for wellness and a keen eye for design, I embarked on a mission to create customized websites that resonate with wellness visionaries who share these values.

Together, we'll create a harmonious online sanctuary where your wellness vision can thrive, and where you can inspire and guide others on their own journeys back to themselves and the heart.
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